Migrating from a Legacy Domain to Cloudflare

If you had a custom domain assigned to your Bubble app prior to October 2019, and you wish to migrate to Cloudflare, you will need to make changes to your domain records.

In all cases, we will use the domain example.com for illustration.

Write down your pre-existing A records somewhere safe before changing your records. If you ever need to get off Cloudflare because of unforeseen issues, you can do so temporarily by deleting your CNAME records at your registrar and re-instating your original A records.

Custom domain formats

There are two typical cases:

  • You are using a subdomain, of the form app.example.com
  • You are using a bare domain, of the form example.com

If you are using a subdomain, you can skip to Using a subdomain (app.example.com)

Prior to October 2019, if you tried to assign a custom domain of the form www.example.com to your app, Bubble would strip the www prefix, and redirect all requests to www.example.com permanently to example.com. As of this change, we support custom domains of the form www.example.com, and redirect example.com to www.

That is:

  • If your custom domain is of the form www.example.com, we redirect example.com to www.example.com.
  • If your custom domain is of the form example.com, we redirect www.example.com to example.com.

Choosing how to proceed

If you are on a bare domain and want to get all the benefits of Cloudflare, you will have to make a decision:

  • Do you want to keep your bare domain, and have a slightly more difficult DNS configuration process? (Recommended.)


  • Do you want to migrate to a www domain, and have a slightly more difficult transition process? (Not recommended.)

Pros and Cons of each approach

Keep your bare domain Migrate to www
User sessions (+) User cookies will remain unchanged; users will not have to sign in again (-) All of your users may have to log in again
DNS records (-) Many registrars do not support the type of records (ALIAS or ANAME) required to enable Cloudflare (+) Most registrars can enable domain forwarding from example.com to www.example.com without having to configure an ALIAS record
Name servers (-) You may have to set up new name servers for your domain (+) You can keep your existing registrar without changing your name servers
SEO (+) You will keep your SEO rating (-) You may see some impact on your site's SEO
Bookmarks (+) Your users bookmarks will just keep working (-) If you use domain forwarding, your users will see "This site is not secure" when trying to load your site from history or bookmarks
External workflows (+) You will not have to change all the external apis that call your site (-) POST requests break when redirected, so you will have to alter all your external API requests to go to www.example.come explicitly

I am a Legacy Customer, understand the consequences, and still want to migrate to www.

Go to the Settings panel in your app. Delete your existing custom domain (of the format example.com) and then add the domain www.example.com. Tick the checkbox to "Accelerate this domain with Cloudflare." (Your pre-existing app will continue to run at this point, although all your existing API workflows that direct to example.com will break.)

Next, follow the directions on Using a www domain (www.example.com).

I am a Legacy Customer, and want to keep my bare domain.

Follow the directions on Using a bare domain (example.com).

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