Using a www domain


Your users will expect to be able to load your domain on and For SEO purposes, we redirect to, but you will need to set up a domain record to get your users to that redirect.

There are two ways to make this happen: Using an ALIAS record, or using a URL Redirect via your registrar.

Method 1: Using an ALIAS record

If your registrar supports ALIAS records, you and enter the two records provided by Bubble into the control panel, and your site will be good to go:

(Here, @ is a way some registrars refer to the bare domain.)

If your registrar does not support ALIAS records, you will have to transfer name servers to one that supports ALIAS records. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for a list of some options.

Changing your name servers at your registrar

In order to perform a change of DNS servers, perform the following steps:

Watch the video.

  1. Sign up with a service that provides ALIAS records.
  2. Register your domain name with them.
  3. Often, you will be given a TXT record to demonstrate that you control the indicated domain
  4. Enter the TXT record at your registrar.
  5. Wait until the DNS service has verified you control the domain.
  6. Add or transfer all your pre-existing domain records to the new DNS service to guarantee that you will have no interruption of service after the changeover. (You may have to wait to do this later, depending on your chosen provider.)
  7. At your registrar, update your nameservers to point to the servers provided by your DNS provider. When your registrar has updated your records, you will no longer be able to add/change records with your registrar.
  8. (Optional; Recommended for Legacy Customers) Wait up to 24 hours for your name server records to propagate over the internet. (Otherwise customers doing lookups on your domain may hit the old name server, and get the old records.)
  9. Remove your bare domain A record, and change it to an ALIAS record.
  10. Wait for the records to propagate. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the TTL values at your new DNS provider.

Method 2: Using a URL Redirect

Most registrars support some form of URL redirection or Forwarding.

If you are comfortable with your users not being able to load your page at, you can do the following.

Watch the video.

  1. Set up your www domain CNAME record according to the instructions provided by Bubble.
  2. Find the section in your registrar's DNS management dashboard where you can set up Forwarding or Redirection.
  3. Add a record to forward your bare domain to (replacing with your custom domain) Ensure you redirect to https, if possible.
  4. Choose the option to make a permanent redirect (301).
  5. Do not select any of the domain masking features, such as iframes.
  6. Wait for the records to update across the internet, and then test your site.

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