File Manager

The File Manager section in the Data Tab shows the files or images that you or your users have uploaded in either the development or live version of your application.

File name

The name of this file when it was uploaded to your application. Enter a name to search for a specific file.

Only private files

If this box is checked, only files attached to a data type, and therefore controlled by that type's privacy rules, will appear in your list of files.

File type

Limit the displayed files based on type, for example, show only jpegs, pngs, or PDFs.

Sort by

Choose whether to sort by file size or created date, and check the "Descending" box to largest to smallest files, or most to least recent.


Click this button to apply your search constraints for file name, private files, file type, and sort by field.


The size of the uploaded file in bytes.


The format of the uploaded file, such as csv, css, jpeg, png, pdf, or ttf.

Uploaded date

The time at which the file was uploaded.

User ID

The unique ID of the user who uploaded the file.

Attached to

For private files, the unique ID of the thing this file is attached to.


Click this link to preview the uploaded file. When you click this from the File Manager, you have admin access and will also be able to view private files.