Server Logs

The Server Logs section in the Logs Tab allows searches of the log of server-side actions, such as send email or change data, executed when users interacted with the app. Search for a particular user by email or ID, within certain dates, or specific keywords.

From date

Choose the earliest date for which you want to see events. Searches start at midnight of that day. If empty, the search continues until the day the app was created. Results are currently limited to the previous two weeks.

To date

Choose the latest date for which you want to see events. Searches end at 11:59 pm of that day. If empty, the current date is used.


Filter actions by a specific user by typing in the user's email or unique ID. If this field is empty, the data for all users is returned.


Enter a string to search for. For example, to search for the word: mountain, type: mountain, without quotes. To search for the exact phrase: tallest mountain, type: tallest mountain with single quotes, 'tallest mountain.' To search for log entries containing either: tall or mountain, type: tall OR mountain, without quotes. OR must be in all caps. If this field is empty, all log entries are returned.


Click to start the search.

Results view

This is where the results are shown. Scroll down to automatically load older events.