Learning Bubble

This chapter contains tips, tricks and content relating to learning Bubble.

To start off, we highly recommend going through the dozen lessons, which are accessible to those with a Bubble account (it's free to sign up!).

After that, we have various other learning resources to help you on your journey. Feel free to pick the method that's best suited for your learning style. Options include:

  • Reading the Manual (the site you're on now) - this is written like an e-book and covers high-level topics about Bubble

  • Watching videos

    • Videos made by the Bubble team - these are a quick introduction to different parts of the Bubble experience

    • Videos made by our ecosystem - these cover a wide gamut of topics! Here is another listing of resources which contains videos, arranged by author

  • Playing with a template - these are functional, simple apps where you can get more hands-on learning

While you're building a Bubble app, don't forget about these additional resources:

  • The Bubble Reference documents each feature and property

  • We have an active user community on the Forum, many of whom are open to helping new users with their questions