This plugin lets you add a link to your application to open an Envelope's documents.

Get Embedded Signing URL

This action returns a link to an Envelope's documents.


Enter your page’s URL as the return url


To get the envelope ID, select the document in the DocuSign interface and copy the ID after /details. For example if this were our link: 45

We would copy dd80befd-65c3-4a67-b7ef-1b594173cf61. Make sure to use your own; this one won’t work.


The API domain allows you choose between the demo ( and production ( versions of the API.

Once you create an API with them as shown at and got the certification, you should set it to; in the meanwhile, please use Here is how you can fill out the other fields in your Plugins tab:

API Domain

Set this to if you completed the certification and are approved to use the API by DocuSign or if you are using the sandbox.


Enter the email for your DocuSign account.

DocuSign Integrator Key

Enter the DocuSign Integrator Key for the envelope you want to access.

DocuSign Account ID

Enter the account ID under which the Envelope exists.

To use the plugin create a Link, set it to External URL and set the destination URL to Get Data from external API and (after installing the plugin) choose Get Docusign Embedded URL.


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