Plans & Billing (legacy)

The information in this article is related to the old pricing structure. As of May 1st, 2023, this content is considered legacy information and may contain details that are no longer up to date.

Please see the article below for details regarding the new structure.

Article: Plans and billing

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You can subscribe to a paid plan for your application in the Settings tab. Subscribing to a paid plan will offer more features and more capacity in terms of server capacity. You can see the details of the different plans in the Pricing Page. One user can have multiple apps with different plans.

When you pick a plan in the editor, you can see a mention of the impact of the plan change on your application's feature.

Monthly vs Yearly plans

You can either pick monthly or yearly plans. Yearly plans offer a discount over the monthly cost. A plan is billed in advance on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. Note that once you have chosen a frequency, you cannot move to another frequency without first canceling your plan. If you add some capacity to your app, for instance, you'll be billed for the remaining time on the period you've subscribed the plan (current month or current year).


Bubble lets you run advanced programming operations on our servers. Capacity determines the amount of server and database CPU time that your app can consume in a given interval. On the Professional plan and above, we reserve server capacity for your app to ensure that your app runs quickly. Each Professional plan app starts with 3 units of reserved capacity and each Production plan app starts with 10 units. You can scale your app to match your app growth by buying additional units for $30/unit/month.

If your app temporarily exceeds its capacity, we rate-limit the speed at which it runs to keep it under the threshold. You can monitor your usage in real time from the Application Editor.

Modifying a plan

You can modify your plan anytime during the period. If you are switching from one paid plan to another, the features of the new plan will be immediately accessible, and the amount will be prorated. A credit will automatically be applied to your Bubble account for the number of days you haven't used on the previous plan, and you will be charged for the corresponding days on the new plan. You will see both of these calculations (remaining time and unused time) on your next Bubble invoice.

Canceling a plan

You can cancel your plan at anytime. Note that when you do so, the cancellation will be immediate, and you'll lose access to paid features. In particular, you will lose the connection with the custom domain you have set up (if any).

Transferring a plan

If more than one user is an admin on an app, they can take the ownership of the payment of the app's plan. When a transfer occurs, payment will start at the end of the current billing period on the new paying user's card.


You can find your invoices in the Account Page. You can define your business name and address in this page. If you modify your business name or address, you will be able to get an updated version of your invoices.


We offer a 30% discount for a year for students, educators, and non-profits (renewable with proper proof). To get this activated on your account, please visit our Support center to get in touch with a member of our Support team.

Discounts cannot be applied retroactively, cannot be applied to Dedicated Plans, and cannot be combined with other discounts such as Referral or Affiliate credits.

Declined payments

Bubble uses an external service to process credit cards (Stripe). A declined charge will be the result of the interaction between Stripe and your bank's fraud system. Even if you entered your information correctly and made previous, successful payments, a payment may still be declined. When we process a payment on your card, we send all the information you have entered and the system will take them into account to define the risk level.

If your payments are being declined, please make sure all the entered information is correct and if you are still unable to make a payment, try reaching out to your banking institution and ask if there are any restrictions on your card.

Payment methods

Bubble accepts major credit and debit cards (see Stripe's information for more details)

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • JCB

  • Discover

  • Diners Club

Annual payment

We can accommodate yearly payments if you need this for invoicing and accounting reasons. Bubble does not offer discounts for yearly payments.

Refund policy

We do not offer refunds. Any month paid cannot be reimbursed nor credited to your account.

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