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In the Logs tab of your application editor, you can access the Scheduler to view all upcoming scheduled workflows.
Please note that the scheduler is a queue. We can think of the scheduler as a funnel. If we fill a funnel with water faster than the rate at which it drains, the water will fill up the funnel. Similarly, if we “fill” the scheduler by scheduling a lot of workflows, we can see the tasks “fill up” the scheduler and experience delays.
Currently, we cap the scheduler’s drain speed at roughly 60% CPU to prevent the app from going down under the scheduler load. Making the tasks lighter or scheduling fewer of them in a set time frame should improve this “draining speed”.


You can select a time and then click “Show” to search for workflows set to occur after that time.

Pause Tasks

Click here to pause upcoming workflows. If your workflows are not running as expected in live or development, check that your workflows have not been paused. If they are already on pause, this will read “Resume tasks,” which you can click in order for scheduled workflows to run again.

Cancel all

You can delete all past workflows that have not run yet, or scheduled workflows in their entirety.