Data tab

The Data tab is where you manage different types of data in your app, such as the database, and .

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Data types

In the Data types section you manage the different in your app. You can create, change and delete data types and add as needed.

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The Privacy section is where you set up privacy rules to secure private data in your app. Privacy rules are conditions that you set up on each data type in order to protect the data from being viewed and edited by unauthorized users.

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App data

The App data section contains Bubble's built-in database editor, where you can browse all data stored in the database and create, view, edit and delete data.

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Option sets

The Option sets section is for managing – static pieces of information that you can reference around your app, such as a list of colors, countries or any other non-changing data that you want to show in lists, dropdowns and other selection controls.

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File manager

The File manager section is Bubble's built-in editor for files that have been uploaded to your app through the editor or by users. You can search for, view, delete and upload files from here.

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