This section covers how to navigate between sections and pages in your app

Most apps need an interface that lets users navigate their app. Navigation can mean many things, such as:

  • Including a header, sidebar or footer with buttons or links that take you to a different part of the page or to another page

  • Links in text elements that takes the user to an external page

  • Buttons that take the user to a new section, such as the next step in a form

Single-page and multi-page navigation

App navigation are split into two types:

Single-page apps are apps that navigate without leaving or reloading the page, by dynamically hide and show containers and elements based on the user's actions.

Multi-page apps are apps that navigate by sending the user to different pages.

What method to use is not necessarily a black-and-white question: most applications use a mix between the two, where some features are placed on a larger single-page navigation page, whereas others are placed in isolation on separate pages.

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