Admin and collaboration

Centralized user management

Efficiently manage members of your organization’s Bubble account with centralized user management. Through a single interface, you can provision new members and revoke access, ensuring that only authorized members can access your apps.

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Centralized app management

With the Enterprise plan, an admin can easily view and manage all the apps created by members of your organization. All apps are owned by your organization and remain this way when users are deprovisioned.

Centralized billing

Regardless of the number of apps in your organization, we consolidate their billing into one invoice, which can be settled via invoice or ACH.

Version control

Our version control system provides branching and merging capabilities, allowing your team members to simultaneously work on different components of the app. This accelerates development, testing, and deployment of updates or new features.

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Permission settings

Maintain strict control over access levels within your development environment. With the permission settings, you can fine-tune who can access and modify specific areas, such as the editor, database, or user activity logs.

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Point-in-time app and database recovery

With point-in-time recovery, you can restore your app and/or its database to a previous version from any point in time. We also have both manual and automated savepoints that can help you identify and reference key milestones or changes, providing a clear path for rollback when needed.

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