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In this section we will cover two key aspect of how Bubble works as a platform: security and hosting/scaling.

Security and privacy

Bubble offers a robust set of tools to keep your users data private and secure, but we don't enforce its use. What this means is that as a Bubble developer, you have a responsibility to learn how the different tools work and to plan and structure your app in a way that both complies with the legal requirements of your region and industry, and respects the expectations of your users.
Security and privacy encompasses a broad spectrum that extends beyond mere technical configurations. It also includes strategic planning, effective communication, and conscientious user engagement.
Security - introduction to security and planning
In the first article we'll have a look at what exactly security means and the importance of planning your app's security and privacy and implement it from the beginning of the development process.
Article: Security
App policy - planning your app's privacy and security strategy
In this article we'll look into what it means to think about your app's overarching privacy and security policy. What are the mandatory measures you need to implement? Beyond the basic requirements, what additional actions could you consider? And importantly, what are the anticipations of your users?
Article: App policy
Client-side and server-side - what happens where
In this article we'll explore what the difference between client-side and server-side is. Knowing the difference between the two is crucial to understand how to set up a secure application.
Bubble account security - keeping your Bubble account safe
The most significant security risk you could face is unauthorized entry into your Bubble account. In this article we'll look over the important settings needed to keep your account safe, and how that also extends to collaborators.
App security - the general security settings in your app
In this article we'll look at security on an app level – the first step of setting up a secure application. App security covers the different overarching settings that determine the security of your app.
Article: App security
Page security - keeping pages, elements and workflows secure
In this article we take a closer look at what it means to create pages that don't share or leak more data than you intended and how you can make sure your conditions and workflow work in a secure way.
Article: Page security
Privacy Rules - protecting the data in your database
Privacy Rules are how you keep the data in your database secure and ensure that no data is sent to unauthorized users. Note that this links to an article in the Data section of the Bubble manual.
Article: Privacy Rules (Data section)
API security - maintaining secure incoming and outgoing API connections
In these articles we look at the three ways of using APIs and how to use them securely:

Hosting and scaling

Bubble is not only a development framework, but offers a complete solution for hosting and efficient, automated scaling. This article series looks into what that means and how you can use our scaling features as your application grows.
How Bubble hosting works
In this article we'll have a look at what exactly it means that Bubble hosts your app.
Scaling with Bubble
What exactly does it mean to scale, and what kind of tools does Bubble offer to make that happen seamlessly?
Domain and DNS
When you create an app, it gets assigned a bubbleapps.io URL automatically. This article covers how you can set up your app to run on your own domain.
Article: Domain and DNS
Bubble release tiers
Bubble is continually evolving, with regular updates introducing new features and enhancements. This article covers how you can schedule these updates.

Bubble for Enterprise

Bubble's Enterprise plan is designed to meet the demands and compliance requirements of large organizations.
Enterprise plan features
This page covers the full feature set of the Enterprise plan.
Hosting and infrastructure
On the Enterprise Plan you get a dedicated instance that operates on a Bubble-managed AWS server. This article covers how that is different from the shared environment in the lower-tier plans.
Security and compliance
The Enterprise plan offers robust security features such as single sign-on (SSO) and SOC 2 Type II compliance. This article explores these enterprise features.
Article series: Security and compliance
Admin and collaboration
The Enterprise plan offers powerful collaboration features to help your team work together on multiple projects simultaneously.
Priority support
On the Enterprise plan you get a dedicated Account manager, a technical success management team and flexible payment options.
Article: Priority support