This section covers different ways to integrate your application to other apps on the web

Among Bubble's most powerful features is the ease with which you can connect to other applications and share data and commands.

Not only can you set up connections between Bubble applications, but you can also connect to third-party apps via the Bubble API and to SQL databases via the SQL Database Connector.

This article series dives into the different tools at your disposal and how to use them.

API - Set up outgoing and incoming connections to third-party applications

An API (Application Programming Interface) connection is a way for different applications to communicate and exchange information with each other. In Bubble, an API connection allows you to extend your app's functionality by integrating with external services.

By leveraging API connections, you can access and manipulate data, trigger actions, and access features from other platforms, greatly extending the feature set of your own app.

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Plugins - Connect to other apps and databases in easy-to-use plugins

Plugins are Bubble- or community-built extensions that you can install in your own application. Some of them offer added features internally in your app, and others let you set up connections with external apps without having to set it up manually.

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SQL Database Connector - read and change data in external SQL databases

The SQL Database Connector Plugin in Bubble lets you connect your app with external SQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL.

The plugin allows you to run SQL queries directly from your Bubble app, giving you the flexibility to access, manipulate, and integrate data from external databases.

Article: The SQL Database Connector Reference: The SQL Database Connector

Bubble App Connector - Connect to other Bubble apps and share data and workflows

The Bubble App Connector plugin allows you to connect your Bubble app to other Bubble apps, enabling exchange of data and workflows. The plugin gives you an easy and visual way of accessing the data and workflow endpoints in a second Bubble app without having to set up API Connections manually.

Article: The Bubble App Connector Reference: The Bubble App Connector

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