Deployment & Version Control Dropdown (legacy)

All Bubble apps have at least two versions, a live version and a development version (called "test" by default), whose changes can be deployed to live. This dropdown allows you to switch between versions, deploy a development version to live, create save points, revert a version to previous points in time, create or delete versions, and, in the case of multi-version apps, sync recent changes from live into a development version. It is important to note that deploying and reverting an app version does not affect the database, e.g., the things users created. However, it will copy or revert the data types because they are part of the app.

Create save point

Click this button to attach a label to the current state of the active version. This marks a point in the app history, which makes it easier to get back to this point if needed. Any version, live or development, can be reverted to via the history popup.

Deploy Development to Live

Click this button to push the current development version to Live. Enter a description of the changes to be deployed for reference.


As you change your app, Bubble does calculations behind-the-scenes to help optimize page load times in the future. One consequence of this is that the first time an app is visited in runmode after a lot of new changes have been made, that first load may be a bit slower as Bubble does its calculations. This slowness on the first load should not happen again after the calculation is done (which usually takes at most a couple of minutes), until of course the next time major changes are made. Note that this calculation happens separately for your development vs. live versions, so if you aren't deploying to live frequently, this effect may be more noticeable there.

Create a new version

Users on Team or Professional plans can create multiple development versions of an app, which can be switched between and deleted from the version dropdown. Click this button to create a new version. Once this version is created, it can no longer be renamed (this feature was deprecated in December 2021).

Sync with live

When one development version of a multi-version app is deployed to live, the others become out of sync with live, meaning they do not yet incorporate recent changes and cannot be deployed. Syncing resolves this state, adding recent changes to live to the active development version. In cases where two changes conflict directly, the user will be prompted to select the change to keep.

Add changes from

Click to add changes from the highlighted version to your current version since the versions were last in sync. In the event that one of these edits from the highlighted version conflicts directly with a change you made to your current version, you'll be prompted to chose which you'd like to keep.

Example: Let's say you just made a bunch of exciting updates to your app in version my-updatesand you'd like to add them to your Development version. First, make sure your current version is set to Development. Then, click the "Add changes from" icon next to version my-updates to merge in these updates to your version Development.

History popup

The history popup allows you to revert the active version to any point in its history, as limited by your plan. Changes in Bubble are granular, meaning you can revert to any point in time. Save points serve as handy attached to specific times, making it easy to revert to the correct spot.

Date inputs

Revert the app to a previous version based on a particular date. Limitations may apply based on your Bubble plan. Enter the date and time to define the version to use for the restoration. Using your time zone, type the date '01/17/2016' and hour '22:56:41' into the two input fields. Or, use the copy time button in the list of previous deployments on the right if you want to use an existing timestamp in the app's deployment history.

Revert to this time

Click this button after entering the date and time. You will be prompted to confirm the operation.

Previous deployments and reverts

This is a list of the deployments and restorations for this app. For each deployment, the description along with a date and timestamp is displayed.

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