In configuring your app’s integration with WorkOS, you'll find that a big part of the setup happens within WorkOS itself. For up-to-date documentation on this process, be sure to refer to WorkOS documentation.

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The WorkOS API plugin gives you tools for integrating advanced WorkOS functionalities into your app. This includes managing Single Sign-On (SSO) connections, efficient handling of organizational data, and offering capabilities to create, update, and manage organization profiles within your app.

Additionally, with features, you can keep user and group information in sync with your organizational directory. The plugin also supports generating and validating , aiding in secure and straightforward administration. The plugin lets you use these features without having to set them up in the API Connector.

Installing the plugin gives you access to the API calls listed below. In the workflow editor, you will find these actions under Plugins - WorkOS API. You can also search for WorkOS to find them quickly.


The following new actions are added to your app:

SSO (Single Sign-On) API

  • Get Connection: Retrieves details about a specific SSO connection.

  • List Connections: Retrieves a list of SSO connections for your application.

Organizations API

  • Get Organization: Fetches information about a specific organization.

  • List Organizations: Retrieves a list of organizations associated with your application.

  • Create Organization: Allows you to create a new organization.

  • Update An Organization: Updates the details of an existing organization.

  • Delete Organization: Deletes an organization.

Admin Portal API

  • Generate A Portal Link: Generates a link to the WorkOS Admin Portal.

Directory Sync API

  • Get A Directory: Retrieves information about a specific directory.

  • List Directories: Retrieves a list of directories associated with your application.

  • Delete A Directory: Deletes a directory.

  • Get A Directory User: Fetches details about a specific directory user.

  • List Directory Users: Retrieves a list of users within a directory.

  • Get A Directory Group: Fetches details about a specific directory group.

  • List Directory Groups: Retrieves a list of groups within a directory.


Validate Webhook: used to test webhooks.

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