This section covers Logic - the expressions and workflows that makes your app do the things you want it to do

We've covered Design – making your app look like you want it to – and Data – How information is stored, edited and fetched from the datatabase. The Logic section covers how to make Bubble do stuff: by combining workflows and expressions, you can set Bubble up to perform tasks for your users ranging from very simple to highly complex.


Building workflows is a combination of connecting an event (such as a user clicking a button) with one or more actions (that can write to the database, animate things on the page and a long list of other things.

Article series: Workflows

Dynamic expressions

By using dynamic expressions you can set up logical "sentences" that calculate values, return a dynamic conditional yes/no, search for things in the database, call external API sources and lots more.

They are how you work with logical rules and calculations in Bubble.

Article: Dynamic expressions Video: How to build expressions


Conditions are used to set up rules for how elements, workflows and actions behave. For example, a condition can control that under certain circumstances, a button should change color or become invisible or unclickable (such as a button being unclickable if the user is not logged in). Likewise, an action or workflow can be set up to only run if a condition is true: again, you could for example stop a workflow from running if the user is not logged in.

Article: Conditions

Navigation can mean two things in Bubble; the first is to go to another page completely, either in your own app or through an external link. The second is to navigate within the same page, which is done by hiding and showing elements as the user clicks around your app without having to reload the page.

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