Tabs and sections

The Bubble editor is organized into tabs that align with the different aspects of app development, such as design, data management, style customization, and technical settings/logs. Some tabs are further segmented into sections.

Tabs are navigated using the left-hand menu that remains visible at all times.

Sections (when available) are navigated using the menu that is visible at the top of the currently active tab:

These two bars make up the Bubble editor navigation, and contain the following tabs and sections:


The design tab is where you design pages in your app by adding elements such as text, images, buttons and icons.

Article: The Design tab Article series: Design


The tab is where you set up events and actions to instruct Bubble what to do as the user interacts with your app, such as what happens when a button is clicked.

Article: The Workflow tab Article series: Workflows

The backend workflow editor

If you have enabled the in your app, you can access the backend workflow editor by using the Pages dropdown and clicking the Backend workflows link at the bottom. You can learn more in the links below. If you are just starting to learn Bubble, this is a more advanced topic.

Article: The Workflow API Article section: Enabling the Workflow API Article section: Accessing the backend workflow editor


Element styles

Element styles are collections of style settings that you can apply to elements, including color, shadow, font, borders and responsive behavior.

Article: The Styles tab Article series: Styling

Style variables

Style variables are used to store font and color variables that can be applied to elements or element styles.

Article: Font variables Article: Color variables


The Plugins tab is where you install, uninstall and update plugins in your app.

Article: The plugin tab Article: Plugins

Other ways to learn

Core reference

The core reference section below covers each individual setting in each of Bubble's tabs and sections.

Core reference: Bubble's interface

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