Data API endpoints

This section describes how to identify the correct endpoints when using the Data API

This core reference entry is suited for advanced-level builders.

You can find the API for your application in Settings - API.

Data API Root URL

The root URL of your application is structured as follows:

or if you have registered a domain:

Where the following variables are replaced to construct the final endpoint:



the name of your application

If you have not registered a domain

The domain of your application

If you have registered a domain


the name of the data type you are accessing

Use the data type name, but in lowercase and with spaces removed.

App branches and Data API URL

The different branches of your app will have different URLs.


Developer will have the ID of the selected branch you are working on included. The ID of the Main branch is always version-test, while custom branches have their own unique IDs.

The URL in Settings - API will show the root URL including the branch ID in the branch you are currently working.




The typename

The typename in the URL represents the data type you want to interact with. We highly recommend that you give all your data types a unique name, especially if you are using the Data API. If two data types share the same name, the Data API will return the first one it finds.

The typename is converted to a URL friendly format by removing spaces and setting it to lowercase. For example:

Data Type name: Rental Unit

Typename: rentalunit

Endpoint URL:

You can read more about the formatting of type names in this article.

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