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Building Templates

You can sell templates on the Bubble marketplace. Templates come in a variety of categories, from clones of popular applications like Slack or Tinder to building blocks with login or multi-step form components. You can start building for others through the following steps.

Define your seller identity

On your account page, under “Marketplace,” there’s a “Seller Profile” section where you can choose your information as you would like it to appear on your contributor profile. This includes your name, logo, website, location, bio, and support email.
Tip: Remember to fill out the entirety of the Seller Profile in order for your template to be discoverable at bubble.io/templates.
You can also set your preferences for when money from your template sales should be transferred to you, or whether or not you would like to receive emails from when one of your templates is bought.
You will receive payouts automatically on the fifth of every month. If you choose to set a payout threshold, you will receive payouts for your plugin sales if they meet that threshold, and for your templates sales if they also meet that threshold. For example, if your payout threshold is $500 and you sell $600 worth of plugins and $200 worth of templates, you would receive the payout for plugins that month and the payout for template sales for the month after that total reaches $500.
Important: You will also see a button to register with Stripe. Payments to marketplace creators (sellers) are made via Stripe, so you must have a Stripe account in order to be paid. You will need to handle compliance aspects with Stripe directly. This can include providing identification and tax information.
If your country is not supported by Stripe yet, you will not be able to sell on the Bubble Marketplace. This includes restrictions from Stripe such as not allowing for transfers from non-India accounts to India-based accounts.

Create your template

At bubble.io/my_templates, select “New template” to get started. Give your template a name (you can change this later), and select whether or not you would like to create a new app for your template or base it off an existing one. If you use an existing app, it should have no data and be on the Hobby plan.
Certify that you own all intellectual property rights: Templates' intellectual property is the propriety of the template owner. When adding a template to the library, as any other application, you have to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy you agreed to when you signed up for Bubble. In particular, you should own the design, logo and images' rights that you are using in your template.
A template sold on Bubble should not be sold on another platform, including the design, logo, etc.
Lastly, click “Create template.” You will now see your template under “My templates” as a thumbnail similar to how your applications appear at bubble.io/home.
This will include the following icons:
  • Edit: Click this to open and continue developing your template.
  • Submit: When your template is finished, click here to submit to our team for approval to get published on the marketplace.
  • Preview: Once your template is published, click here to view the public details page where users can purchase it.
  • Price: Define the license for your template here and how much it costs.
  • Delete: Once a template is published, it can be subsequently removed from the marketplace, but the underlying app cannot be deleted (otherwise anybody who has already purchased the template would not be able to use it in the future). Click here to delete the template itself.

Submit your template for marketplace review

Our team reviews all templates before they are published on the marketplace. Before you submit, check out our marketplace guidelines for more information on what we look for and how to get approved.
Once you have reviewed the guidelines and are ready to submit, click the rocket icon. Name your template as you want it to appear publicly, and thoroughly describe what the template includes. This lets users know what to expect and also helps our team to know what to test during our review.
Select the preferred license for your template, Open Source or Commercial. If you choose Open Source, buyers can access the template under the MIT license. If you choose Commercial, there is an Individual Commercial and Developer Commercial license. Under the individual license, buyers can access and use the template in applications used for their internal business or personal purposes, whereas under the developer license, buyers can use the template for their internal business or personal purposes or applications built for third parties. There is no limit on the number of applications templates can be used for. For a full definition of each of these licenses, visit our terms.
Note that if your template is reviewed and approved by our team as Open Source, you can not then change it to Commercial, so make sure you are confident in your license prior to submitting.
Once you choose your license, select the Category that’s most appropriate for your template. For example, a Facebook clone would select “Social.”
Upload a screenshot for the thumbnail image that will appear on bubble.io/templates. When you are happy with your details, click “Submit.”
This sends your template to the Bubble team to review. You will receive an email from us once it has been reviewed with our feedback, typically after a couple of days. If after you submit your template you would like to make further changes, you will need to cancel the submission and then resubmit after you make the changes.

Set the price for your template

While Open Source templates are free, if you select Commercial, you can now define its price. For Individual Commercial Template Licenses, you can set the price as free or $3 - $500. For Developer Commercial Template Licenses, you can set the price as $10 - $5,000. In this popup, you can also download your sales data for the past 30 days.
When you sell a template, the total payout for the owner is 75% of the facing value. Note that this fee structure may change (but will not be applied retroactively on already published templates if a change occurs).

Support users of your template

As an owner of a template, you commit to fix issues that users that use the template may report. If a template is being reported as having issues and if no action is taken, Bubble reserves the right to withdraw the template from the marketplace.
Users can (and are encouraged to) leave some reviews, feedback, and questions. You are responsible for handling questions and support requests. Failure to follow up with users that reach out (and report you to the Bubble Team) may lead to the cancellation of your Seller Profile.
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