Bug reports

Filing a bug report

If you file a bug report, please include thorough reproduction steps so that our team can best assist. If you run into an issue, you can report it here.

Before submitting a bug report

User-submitted bug reports are crucial in maintaining the stability and functionality of Bubble and we highly appreciate you taking the time to report an issue. To ensure an efficient handling of cases and to help us solve your problem as fast as we can, we encourage you to keep in mind the points below:

  • Reproduce the issue: Ensure the problem is consistent and not a one-time occurrence.

  • Check the Bubble status page: Bubble has a status page that shows you if a server is having any known issues. You can also subscribe to issue alerts from the status page by clicking Subscribe to updates.

  • Check the docs: Verify if the observed behavior isn't the intended one. You can also ask a question in the forum.

  • Eliminate external factors: If using plugins or third-party integrations, to see if they are the cause. Also check your browser for ad- and or script blockers that may cause issues.

  • Provide details: Clearly describe the problem, including steps to reproduce, expected outcome, and actual result.

  • Screenshots/videos: Attach image(s), gif(s) and other relevant files, that can help us identify the issue

  • Console errors: If you know how to use the browser's console, inspect it for any related errors.

  • Environment details: Include browser type, device, and OS version, as some issues may be specific to certain environments.

  • Changes made: Recall any recent changes or updates made to the app before the issue arose.


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