Creating and managing apps

This section covers how to create, manage and delete apps connected to your Bubble account

Creating apps

To create a new app, go to the Apps section of your Bubble account and click the Create an app button in the upper right corner.

You will be asked to give your app a name and whether you want to create an app from a template.

To build an app from a template, you first need to add one or more templates from the Template marketplace to your account. You can then select a template from the Create app dropdown.

App names

When you give your app a new (such as my-bubble-application), that name is reserved and a unique URL is generated. The name is held and used by Bubble for indexing purposes, which means:

  • The name cannot be changed after it's set

  • The name cannot be reused in another app by you or anyone else, even after the app is deleted

The app name is visible in your app's default URL, such as:

Once you are on a , the app name is no longer visible anywhere in your live app.

What is created?

Everything needed to start building your application is automatically set up when you create a new app:

  • Your app gets a unique URL based on the name you gave it

  • The default pages are set up, such as index and 404 pages.

  • Two databases (one for Development and one for Live)

  • Any template you selected (if any) is automatically applied


If you are new to Bubble or want a repeat of the basics, you may find our onboarding tools useful. The onboarding wizard is available whenever you create a new app.

Managing apps

App plans

Each app is connected to a pricing plan of your choice, to ensure that you can work on multiple projects that are in different stages of its life cycle, growth and requirements. You can read more about the plans in our Account and Billing section.

Deleting an app

If you no longer need an app, you can delete it completely from your account.

Implications of deleting an app

It's very important that you understand the implications of deleting an app before going through with it. Please read the section below carefully.

  • Once an app is deleted, it cannot be recovered, even by the Bubble team

  • The app's is locked even after it's deleted – don't delete an app in an attempt to free up the name (the app name is only visible to your users in your app's default URL)

  • All details related to your app are deleted without exceptions (including the databases)

How do delete an app

To delete an app, first locate it in the Apps section of your Bubble account. Make sure you are logged in first.

Click the pullout menu symbol as illustrated below:

Then, click the delete button at the bottom of the pullout menu:

After clicking the Delete app button you will be asked a security question to confirm the process. Deleting the app can take up to a few minutes, depending on its complexity and the size of its database.

Who can delete an app?

Only administrators can delete an application. If you cannot see the Delete app button, it means you don't have the sufficient access level to delete it.

Duplicating an app

You can also make an exact copy of an application. To duplicate an app, first locate it in the Apps section of your Bubble account. Make sure you are logged in first.

Click the pullout menu symbol as illustrated below:

Then, click the Duplicate app button at the bottom of the pullout menu:

You will be asked to give the duplicate app a name, and whether to copy the content of the database as well.

Copying the database can have implications for the privacy of your app's users: keep in mind that both the Development and Live databases are copied, potentially including sensitive data.

If you decide not to copy the database, you will not be able to do so later without manually exporting and importing it. We recommend giving careful thought as to include it or not.


If you are added to an app as a , you will also see it in your list of app. The same is true for anyone that you add as a collaborator to one of your applications.

You can read more about Collaboration in our dedicated article.

The agency plan

The agency plan is made for developers and teams that build apps for others, and grants broader access to collaboration across multiple apps.

See our article on Building apps for others for more information on the agency plan.

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