Selling on the Marketplace

(Note: is the authoritative source about marketplace policies, in the event of discrepancies with the Manual.)

You can sell templates and plugins on Bubble. While you can make such items for free, if you start selling them, you will need to register as a seller to accept payments. Payments will be made directly to you, and Bubble will take a fee on the different transactions.

Note: Payments to marketplace creators (sellers) are made via Stripe, so you must have a Stripe account in order to be paid.

Defining your seller identity

Your Plugins page is where you can define you seller profile. You can set up a logo, business name, and register with Stripe in order to accept payments. Note that you will need to handle compliance aspects with Stripe directly. This can include providing identification and tax information.

Note: If your country is not supported by Stripe yet, you will not be able to sell on the Bubble Marketplace. This includes restrictions from Stripe such as not allowing for transfers from non-India accounts to India-based accounts.

Building, distributing and selling templates

If you are a designer, building templates on Bubble is a great way to share good design, empower other users to start their app with a slick design, and make money.

When you create and distribute a template on Bubble, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. Note that these rules are as of March 22, 2017, and Bubble reserves the right to update them at any time.

Template distribution

At this stage, we do not validate templates before they appear on the platform, but we reserve the right to withdraw a template if it doesn't comply with the following rules, or if it's being reported as a poor quality template.

You can advertise your templates on any site (including online ads) but you should point to the template page on Bubble. All transactions have to happen via the Bubble Platform.

Intellectual Property

Templates' intellectual property is the propriety of the template owner. When adding a template to the library, as any other application, you have to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy you agreed to when you signed up for Bubble. In particular, you should own the design, logo and images' rights that you are using in your template.

A template sold on Bubble should not be sold on another platform, including the design, logo, etc. Note that once a template is published, it can be subsequently removed from the marketplace, but the underlying app cannot be deleted (otherwise anybody who has already purchased the template would not be able to use it in the future).

Commission Structure

When you sell a template, the total payout for the owner is 75% of the facing value. You must register with Stripe to be able to take payments on the platform.

Note that this fee structure may change (but will not be applied retroactively on already published templates if a change occurs).

Support and debugging

As an owner of a template, you commit to fix issues that users that use the template may report. If a template is being reported as having issues and if no action is taken, Bubble reserves the right to withdraw the template from the marketplace.

Users can (and are encouraged to) leave some reviews, feedbacks and questions. You are responsible for handling questions and support requests. Failure to follow up with users that reach out (and report you to the Bubble Team) may lead to the cancellation of your Seller Profile.

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