Users editing this app

This lists all the other users that have been added as collaborators on this app, and the permission levels they have.


An admin can control the collaboration permissions of other collaborators.


A given collaborator can have the ability to only "View" the app, or "View and edit" the app.


A given collaborator can have one of the following permission levels in relation to the database of an app:

Permission LevelDescription

No permission

Users cannot access any of the data.

View only

Users can view the data, e.g. in the App Data section, but cannot modify it.

View and run as

Users can view the data and "run as" a specific end-user but cannot modify it.

View and edit

Users have full permission to both view and modify entries in the database.


A collaborator can either have no permission to see the app's logs, or the ability to "View and query" the logs

Only dev. version

A collaborator can have the above permissions over only the development version(s) of the app, not the live version.

Invite a user


Inviting a user as a collaborator will allow you to control the permissions that collaborator has in relation to the app, the app's data, and the app's logs, as described above.


This will immediately transfer ownership of the app to another Bubble user. Be careful when using - if you are not an admin collaborator on the app, upon transfer, you will not be able to undo the transfer.

Show the cursor of other editors when they modify the application

This feature will show you if any collaborators are currently actively in the editor. If you are on the same tab as a collaborator, you will see where their cursor currently is.

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