This section covers how to add notes to different parts of your Bubble app to document your work

As you develop your Bubble application you may find the need to document specific parts of it. For example, you may need to write down what a specific workflow is for, or add some notes about where to use a specific style.

Bubble has a built-in note system that lets you save text comments for yourself and your collaborators. These notes are only visible in the Bubble editor, and cannot be seen by your app’s users. They are visible to all collaborators, regardless of their access level.

You can add notes in the following places:

    • Data type fields

    • Option set options

    • Option set attributes

  • (workflows)

    • Actions

  • connections

    • API Connector calls

Notes can be added to each unique instance of the above types, meaning for example that every element and action you add can have its own note.

Managing notes

Adding and editing notes

The ability to add comments to something in the Bubble editor is displayed with the note icon:

Clicking that icon will open up the Comments panel and let you add or edit a comment on the relevant item.

Whenever an item has a note saved on it, the icon gets a fill color:

Deleting notes

To delete a note, simply open it up for editing and remove its text content.

Browsing all notes

To see all the notes in your app in a list, click the See all button in the notes sidepanel:

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