Application and data ownership

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Intellectual property ownership

Simply put, you have ownership over your data, encompassing both your app's design and any data uploaded by your users (based on the agreement you have with them). On the other hand, Bubble retains ownership of the underlying code that powers your app. Think of it like how Microsoft owns the software Microsoft Word, but doesn't claim ownership over the documents you create with it.

Exporting your application & data

We support automatically exporting user-created data in the form of CSV files. Additionally, with the Bubble API, you can craft scripts for a more automated, scalable way to access your data.

Bubble apps can only be run on the Bubble platform; there's no way of exporting your application as code. If you decide to move off the Bubble platform, you'll have to rebuild the application logic, although we can help you export the design. We'll do our best to help you leave if you want to. Our goal, though, is for Bubble to grow with your app.

As Bubble is built on Javascript and can be extended with code and API integrations, you'll essentially never hit a hard limit of the system. Our Enterprise plan lets you have a dedicated cluster only for your apps, maintained by us, and you can scale as your business grows independently from other Bubble applications.

Your trust in Bubble is paramount. While we're committed to a lasting presence, we guarantee that, in the unlikely event of discontinuation, Bubble's source code will be made available under an open-source license. This ensures you can maintain your app on a self-hosted Bubble server.

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