Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Input

The Rich Text Editor Plugin creates an element that allows users to type a rich formatted text with colors, fonts, bullet points, link, etc. Use this if you want users to type a longer message.

Watch out!

You might see degraded performance of the Rich Text Editor if you try to load and edit a very large amount of text, especially if you are also using autobinding.

Initial content

This field defines what the input will contain before the user modifies it or right after the input or group that contains it is reset. For example, to allow users to modify their bio, the initial content will likely be 'Current user's bio.'

Regular or Tooltip?

Select 'Regular' if you want the standard rich text editor with a toolbar. 'Tooltip' will hide the toolbar and instead show a floating toolbar when text is highlighted text.

Style complexity

Select Basic if you wish to hide the advanced editing icons.

Extend to fit

Check this box if you want the height of your input to increase as your text gets longer.