Exporting data

You can export data from the database to one of the file formats below:

How to export data

To start the export process, first navigate to Data - App data.

  1. Select the data type you want to export.

  2. Set up the View to reflect the list that you want to export.

  3. Click the Export button (see screenshot above).

  4. In the popup, select the format that you want to export to.

  5. Bubble will send you an email when the export is done, with a link to download the file.

Known issue: When exporting a datatype with a date interval field, the field is exported as descriptive text, although it is stored as a numerical value in milliseconds in the database. For example, the value 172,800,000 milliseconds (48 hours) would be displayed in the database editor and exported as "2 days". When importing date intervals, Bubble still expects a numerical value in milliseconds.

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