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Recurring Event

Recurring event

This event is defined in the API section of the app and runs recurring actions on a thing.

Event name

Enter the name of the workflow.

Type of thing

A recurring event requires a thing to run. Define the type here.

Ignore privacy rules when running the workflow

A recurring workflow is run with the current user in context. All privacy rules apply accordingly. Sometimes you want the workflow to bypass these rules and be run as an admin user who has all rights on the data, even when run without authentication. Check this box to bypass the privacy rules set in the Privacy section in the Data Tab.
Warning: Because these are security and privacy options, use this feature with caution.
Note: In very rare circumstances, it's possible for a recurring event to get in a bad infinite loop rescheduling itself. If this happens, you can pause the Scheduler, bulk delete all the extraneous scheduled tasks, unpause the Scheduler, and try again.

Timezone selection

Override the recurring event's timezone by setting an alternative timezone with a static or dynamic choice. For this setting to be available you must first enable the setting Enable timezone override controls in your app's general settings.