Element Templates (legacy)

This page describes a deprecated feature and is no longer updated.

Element templates have been replaced by the Component Library. You can read more about this feature in the article below.

Article: The Component Library

Bubble includes 2 element templates for you to add common functionality to your application.

Tab Element

This template includes a "Group Tab" that adds 3 tabs to your application. When a button such as "Tab 1" is clicked, a custom state is set to 1. The content for the tabs will either be visible or invisible based on when the custom state's number matches its tab number. This is useful for creating a page-like effect without leaving the initial page.

Signup / Login Form

This form includes an input for the user's email, password, and password confirmation so they can create an account with your application. If a user chooses to switch to login mode instead, they can enter their existing credentials and reset their password if needed.

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