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Welcome to Bubble!

The Bubble docs are designed both to get you quickly onboarded and to help you start building, and to serve as a reference through your learning journey and beyond. To learn more about how the docs are structured, you can read our Introduction.

How long does it take to learn?

Learning Bubble's essentials can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how much time you invest and how you approach your learning.
Embracing Bubble is best approached with a thirst for learning. Rather than diving in with immediate expectations, taking the time to grasp the foundational elements will be very beneficial in your learning journey. As you become proficient with the platform, you'll develop your own methods and habits for creating stable, secure apps quickly.
We encourage you to keep in mind that Bubble is a very open platform. What this means is that its flexible enough to be able to host almost any category of apps. The other side of that coin is that you are also free to make mistakes: Bubble gives you the tools for setting up enterprise-level professional apps, but it's up to you to use those tools in the right way.
Learning Bubble properly is an investment: if you have a strong foundation, you will be able to bring your app idea to life in a secure, stable and scalable way.

Learning Bubble

The User Manual

The User Manual will take you through all the different concepts, how-to's, terminology and best practices needed to learn Bubble. You can read it from beginning to end, or pick the chapters that interest you the most.
If you are new to building in Bubble, we recommend heading over to the Getting started section.
Getting started: the introductory guide to building apps in Bubble
Our introductory guide will not only take you through the Bubble basics, but will help you set your strategy for planning and building your app in general. We cover topics such as:
  • What is Bubble
  • Building your first app
    • Planning your features and versions
    • Database structure
    • Design and UX
  • Creating and managing apps
  • The Bubble editor and how it works
  • Setting up a custom domain and DNS
  • Application settings
Article series: Getting started

More learning resources

You can learn Bubble in several ways, including:
The Bubble Academy: Bubble – Video courses and lessons
The Bubble Academy is a large and growing collection of video courses and lessons (some of them interactice) that tackle subjects ranging from beginner to advanced.
Youtube channel: lessons (short and long) as well as community-created content
Our Youtube channel, which includes lessons both short and long. There's also an ever-growing collection of community-generated content on Youtube.
External page: Youtube channel
Interactive lessons: hands-on, in-editor lessons
Our interactive lessons, which range from creating a sign-up system to connecting to external APIs, and only take a few minutes each to complete.
Bootcamps: live group courses
Bootcamps lets you get expert advice from experienced Bubblers, group discussions and feedback in your app. There are a range of different bootcamps available that cover different parts of your learning journey.
Some bootcamps are set up so that you can learn while you are developing your app and get valuable feedback and live problem-solving.

Getting help

If you need help during your learning or building journey, the resources below can help you out with everything from account management to specific problem solving:
The Bubble Success Team – Bubble – experienced Customer Support agents
The Bubble Success Team is a group of dedicated Bubble employees that answer questions and solve problems for thousands of users every month.
The Bubble Forum – Community – questions, discussions and news
Connect with over 2 million community members, get answers to your questions, and discover how to build better with Bubble.
Here are a few things you should do to increase your chances of getting an answer:
  1. 1.
    Start with a clear question, so others know what you're trying to solve.
  2. 2.
    Describe what you have already tried; that will help others narrow down possible answers.
  3. 3.
    Share your app as an open app, so that others can access it. If your app is sensitive and private, use some screenshots to show what you have done so far.
Bubble Coaches – Community – highly experienced Bubble users on-screen
Our Bubble coaches make up a carefully curated list with community experts that you can connect with to ask questions and solve problems via screen-sharing.

Filing a bug report

If you file a bug report, please include thorough reproduction steps so that our team can best assist. If you run into an issue, you can report it here.
Watch our Academy quick tip on what to include in a bug report