Localize Translation

Translate your website to over 100 languages using Localize.js' translation service.

Set the website language

The Localize Translation Plugin allows you to control the language by setting the language through an API action.

Language code

Select the language code in the dropdown menu.


Create a LocalizeJS account

To get started, create a free LocalizeJS account. During onboarding, you'll be directed to create an organization and project.

Once your project is created, you'll be directed to your LocalizeJS project dashboard where you can obtain your Project Key.

Install Localize Translation plugin

The Localize Translation plugin can be installed in the plugins gallery.

Configure the plugin

Once installed, you'll enter the Project Key from your project dashboard into the appropriate field in the Plugin settings.

Once the plugin is configured, you'll be able to use the Set The Website Language workflow action in your app.


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