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What is Bubble?

What is Bubble?

Rather than specializing in one or two aspects of web development (like designing landing pages or building databases), Bubble’s full-stack visual programming interface does it all. You can customize your UX with a drag-and-drop editor, build out logic, manage databases, and more. Plus, you can integrate with anything via plugins and API. In fact, it has all the tools you need to build a site like Facebook or Airbnb.
Here are a few key features you’ll encounter as you dive in:

Visual programming editor

Bubble’s main interface — called the editor — allows you to build your app by pointing and clicking instead of writing code. It’s where you design the page, structure the database, and build workflows that respond to user actions. As you build, you’ll see the results on the screen, and you can preview your app with a single click.
You can dive deeper in the sections on designing your app and creating workflows and logic.

Database management

Building and maintaining a database is a complex task, so Bubble automates every aspect of it. As soon as you create an app, its developer and live databases will be ready to use. We’ll perform continuous point-in-time backups with easy restoration, and industry-standard security and privacy management tools are built in.
You can set up and manage all of this in just a few clicks, even if you have no prior database experience. Read more in the database section.

User management and security

Bubble's built-in user management tools enable you to let users sign up for and log in to your app securely. All our user management functionality aligns with industry standards for security and privacy while giving you the flexibility you need to set up workflows and methods that suit your app.
You can read more in the user account management section. If you work with a team of developers, you can also learn how to set up isolated working environments in the version control section.

Third-party integration

Most modern app development requires you to your app to third-party systems, from other apps to service providers like weather reports and generative AI models. Using one of our community-made plugins or Bubble's own API connector, app connector, or SQL connector, you can set up connections to other systems quickly and securely.


From the platform to our pricing plans, Bubble was designed to scale with your app as it grows The Bubble engine and database is hosted securely on Amazon AWS, the world's largest network of internet servers and services, and file assets are spread out across the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. This combination gives you the power to scale quickly and confidently.
You can read more about Bubble’s tools for scaling in the performance and scaling section.

We can’t wait to see what you build

Bubble exists to enable anyone from first-time entrepreneurs to enterprise-level companies to take an idea from concept to fully functional, scalable reality — faster and cheaper than you could with just code.
So head over to the Building your first app section, and let’s dive in.
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