The search tool

This page explores using the Search tool, which lets you search for objects in the Bubble editor. Not to be confused with Do a search for, which is used to perform database searches in your app. You'll find more information about that feature in the article below:

Article: Finding data

The search tool lets you search for a range of different objects in the Bubble editor, such as elements, data types, and actions.

Accessing the search tool

The search tool is a part of Bubble's toolbar and is accessed by clicking the magnifier symbol.

Search by type

By specifying the type of object you want to search for, Bubble offers filters specifically for that type.

For example, if you want to search for a specific type of action, you can select Action type in the Search by field. Bubble will then show you a list of the different action types available.

Clicking on any result in the search tool will take you directly to that part of the editor. In the example above, we're searching for an action, and clicking a result will take you directly to that action in the workflow tab.

Contains text

The Contains text tool lets you search for text inside of the different types you are looking for. This option is fairly flexible, as it broadens the search to include text from sub-objects as well as the main object.

For instance, let's say you have a workflow that consists of an event and one action. The event is a button-click, and the action makes changes to a thing. We've saved the label Save average score on the action.

In this example, we have:

  1. Set the Search by field to Event type

  2. Selected An element is clicked as the event type

  3. Entered the string average in the Contains text field

As you can see, the search tool returns the event we where looking for, even though the event itself doesn't contain the string average. That string is saved on an action inside of the workflow. In this way, the search tool will not only return results from event names or descriptions but also delve into the actions within those workflows.

Searches and performance

When you're working in a big app, the search tool can potentially have a lot of data to search through and can start to slow down. You will usually get a result a lot faster if you narrow down the search to the current page

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