This section covers how to leave comments in your Bubble app to help with future modification and collaboration

As apps get bigger, it is important to keep track of what the different pages, key actions, styles and data types are about. This will make modifying the app down the line easier, and will help other people collaborate with you on the application simpler.

Adding comments

Bubble has a way to comment on most objects. Whenever you see a quote icon (in the top bar of the Property Editor), clicking on it will reveal the Comment Panel.

When the quote icon is filled, that means the element contains a comment. You are able to add comments to:

  • Elements (available in the property inspector as illustrated above

  • Data types (available in the Data types section of the Data tab

  • Data type fields (available on each field where you name them)

  • Workflows (available in the property inspector of the workflow)

  • Actions (available in the property inspector of the action)

  • Privacy Rule (available in each Privacy Rule you set up in the Privacy section of the Data panel)

  • Option sets (available in the Option set editor on each individual option set)

  • Option set attributes (available in the option set editor on each attribute of the selected option set)

  • Styles (available on each individual style in the Style tab)

To delete a comment, simply remove its content.

View all comments

To view all comments, click the See all link in the top right corner of the note editor.

Clicking on a note will take you to the object to which it belongs.

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