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Progress Bar

The Progress Bar Plugin creates an element that displays a progress bar that shows the user what percentage of a task is completed.

Progress Bar


Enter the status bar's percentage to show its completion. The range is from 0 to 100%.

Progress bar color

Select the color for the progress bar's indicator.

Animate progress

Select this option to smoothly animate the progress bar as it updates.
Note: This is not supported on IE9 and older.


You can use progress bars to show the completion status of a task. If we have a field of type "number" on an example task, then we can set this equal to our percentage.
We might choose to change the color of our progress bar based on how close to completion this particular task is. Let's say that if this task is more than 75% complete, we want to show the progress bar as green.
Our first Example task is 85% complete, so in run mode, we can see that percentage displayed across the progress bar and its color updated to match.


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Last modified 2mo ago