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This article explores why the certification makes it easier to assess candidates for a Bubble project. To see a list of top-rated agencies, see the link below. Page: Bubble top-rated agencies

For those hiring Bubble developer(s), the official Bubble certification offers a dependable measure of a developer's skills. In this article we'll cover the certification from the side of clients looking to hire Bubble developers and why the certification is a good way to measure a freelancer's or agency's skill level.

Comprehensive skill assessment

The Bubble certification is a thorough exam covering every aspect of Bubble development. It ensures that a certified developer is skilled not only in Bubble's but also in complex application building and problem-solving.

The certification demands practical, hands-on experience with the platform. Certified developers have shown their ability to apply Bubble's functions effectively, indicating their readiness for real-world projects. With Bubble's ongoing updates, developers must stay current. Certified professionals have demonstrated their knowledge of the latest features and best practices.

Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly. The Bubble certification helps ensure you're considering individuals who have met a high competency standard, minimizing hiring risks. The certification ensures that students can build apps that are:

  • Solving problems in an efficient, user-friendly manner

  • Secure

  • Performance-friendly and scalable

  • Responsive

  • Adhering to best practices

  • Connected to any third-party APIs/databases or offering API services to external systems, that are robust and secure

  • Customized for what you need as a client

The certification is continually updated to reflect new features and changes in Bubble.

Proctored exam ensures authenticity

The nature of the Bubble certification exam significantly enhances the reliability of a developer's credentials. This exam is closely monitored by a specialized third-party.

Using automated software, they record and analyze the exam session to verify the identity of the exam-taker and ensure compliance with exam guidelines. This surveillance confirms that the candidate is not only the actual person taking the exam but also adhering to the integrity of the exam process without unauthorized resources.

The involvement of a third-party proctoring service adds a layer of professionalism and security to the certification process, making it a trustworthy indicator of the developer's true skills and knowledge in Bubble development. For employers, this means the assurance of hiring a developer whose expertise has been authenticated in a controlled and secure environment, backed by the credibility of the proctoring organization.

If you want to learn more about the proctoring process before starting your hiring process, please get in touch with our Success team.

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