AddtoAny Share Buttons

This plugin includes a Share Buttons element for linking to your application’s social media accounts all in the same group.

‌Share Buttons

This element includes several social icons that when clicked, open the social network of your choice. Your user will be prompted to share a post on that social media with the page name and URL of your choice.

Note: This element can be blocked by some Ad blockers.

URL to share

The link that you want your users to post. This can be dynamic; for example, if you chose “this url,” you can share the link to the page in the application where you click this icon.

Page name

The name of your page as it will appear in the social media post. It’s also possible to use this as a brief caption instead. If you enter something like “Check this out,” your posts will read: “Check this out”

Add a button for

Select which social networks you would like to include in your group of icons. Choose from Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Reddit, or Hacker News.

Add a generic button for more services

Add a plus icon to the end of your list of social icons. This will open additional options for where you can share your post, such as WordPress, Pocket, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

Overwrite icon colors

Check this box to select a custom color for your icons. This will update all of the icons to that color, so that they match your application’s brand.


Add a “Share Buttons” element to your page, from the “Visual Elements” section of the Elements tree. Enter the URL to share and page name as you would like them to appear in your post, then check any services that you would like to have an icon.

Then preview the page and click an icon to test what your post will look like. You might use this in a footer for your application so that on any page, your users have a way to share your application with others.


Can I add a caption to my posts?

This plugin does not support a caption field at this time, only the page name and the URL. You can update the “Page name” field as a brief caption or create the share links manually with icons if you would like to include more custom fields.

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