Font variables

This section covers Font variables, used to manage a collection of fonts that can be applied to elements and styles throughout your app

Font variables allow you to centralize font settings and make changes to the font across multiple elements and styles. Instead of having to manually adjust font families in each instance they are used, you can simply modify the font variable in one place and watch the change propagate throughout your app.

For newly created apps, the default styles will be set to the "App Font" by default.

For apps built before the launch of the Font variables feature, you have the option to switch to the "App Font" either in the individual element appearance settings or in the Element Styles section of the Styles tab

Do Font variables apply to Styles?

Yes, Font variables apply to , meaning that if you update a Font variable it will automatically be updated on all styles that use that variable. By combining the two you can set up a flexible styling system that lets you make future changes with ease.

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