Templates allow you to import a pre-made app to get started with your project quickly. This is not just a design feature, as templates include both the design and workflows. The purpose of a template is to give you a more or less complete application of a given type to kickstart your project.

Templates cover a wide range of categories:

  • Blog

  • CRM

  • Dashboard

  • Game

  • Landing Page

  • Marketplace

  • Online Store

  • Portfolio

  • Social Directory & Listings

  • Professional Services

  • On-demand Services

  • Project Management

  • Building Blocks

  • Other

Having a look through the templates section before starting an app from scratch can be a good idea, as many app categories start out with the same framework, and you can build additional features on top of it. Using a template does not restrict your ability to customize it at all – it just gives you a faster start and you may avoid having to repeat tasks that others have done before you, such as setting up signup/login forms.

Note that you cannot add a template into an app after the app has been created.

Templates are found on the Templates page.

Creating an app using a template

On the Templates page you can browse templates in different categories and pick one that suits your project. Clicking a template will give you a notification like the one below, and when you click Use now a new project will be created with the chosen template applied.

Reviewing Templates

When an app is created with a template, you will be able to review the template in the Editor (or in the template page). You will also be able to reveal your email to the template owner, which is useful if you need an answer. As the Ecosystem grows, it is important for the Community to regulate and provide feedback. We appreciate your help.

To leave a review, go the Template tab.

Rules and License

Please review our Marketplace Policies.

Creating and selling templates

If you would like to contribute to Bubble's marketplace and give away or sell templates for others to use, see the article below.

Article: Building templates

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