Hosting and infrastructure

Bubble’s infrastructure plays a significant role in the performance, security, scalability, and the overall effectiveness of any solution that you want to build. In this article we’ll shed light on how our Enterprise plan equips large-scale organizations with a robust foundation, tailored to meet the specific demands of enterprise operations.

Dedicated instance

Get maximum reliability with an isolated instance of Bubble that operates on a Bubble-managed AWS server. One dedicated instance can host as many apps as you need.

Choice of hosting region

Specify the region where your server and data are located. Choose from Bubble’s growing list of AWS data center regions:

  • Oregon

  • Ireland

  • London

  • Paris

  • Frankfurt

  • Mumbai

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

  • Seoul

  • Sydney

  • São Paulo

  • Montreal

  • Bahrain.

This capability isn't merely about speed; it's about complying with data sovereignty laws and ensuring that your data is stored in a region that aligns with your business requirements or regulations.

Hosting configuration designed for scale

As your user base expands, our team is consistently monitoring your app's infrastructure to support seamless scaling. We're equipped and ready to make the necessary adjustments to your plan or server configuration to optimize performance.


Through our partnership with , Bubble offers a network of servers strategically located worldwide to provide fast and reliable content delivery to users, no matter where they're based. By storing cached versions of static resources like images, CSS, and JavaScript, CDNs minimize the distance between the user and the app's original server.

Manage Bubble updates

Our shared server environments are continually updated with new features and security improvements. With the Enterprise plan, you decide when to update your server. This lets you test new features or changes in a controlled environment and roll them out on your own schedule.

Article section: Updating the Bubble server

Direct database access

Bubble offers read-only access to your database. This feature paves the way for integrations with data warehousing and analytics tools such as Snowflake and BigQuery, enabling you to harness the full potential of your data.


Create sub-apps with separate databases for separate end-users that operate completely independently and can be deployed to unique subdomains.

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