Custom events

Events that can be triggered by other workflows.

This core reference entry is suited for intermediate-level builders.

Create a custom event...

Bubble allows custom to reuse the same logic in more than one workflow.

  • The Create a custom event event defines the workflow

  • You can give a custom workflow a name and a label

    • The name is used then you trigger the custom event from another workflow

    • The label is what Bubble shows in the workflow editor

  • You can trigger a custom event in two ways:

User manual

Event name

Enter the name of the . This name will be displayed in the list of custom events when you use the Trigger a custom event or Schedule a custom event actions

Call parameters


You can include parameters when you trigger a custom event. These parameters first need to be defined on the custom event itself.

  • Name: This field accepts any name you want to give the parameter.

  • Type: This field determines what the parameter should expect, such as User, text, or number.

    • Is a list/array: if checked, the parameter will accept lists, such as multiple users or texts.

  • Optional: if checked, the parameter will not be treated as required. If unchecked, the Bubble will create an issue if you use the Trigger a custom event or Schedule a custom event actions without specifying the required parameters.

Return values

If you intend for the custom to provide a return value, such as the outcome of a calculation, specify the type and label for this new return value here.

  • Return values can be any type of data, just like parameters.

  • Use the Return data action in the custom workflow to return data.

    • Use to specify whether the data should be returned.

  • The workflow will stop running if it hits a Return data action.

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