Key features

Saving your app

Bubble saves your app automatically, in real time. As soon as you modify an element, action, setting, etc., the change will be saved. You will see a 'saving' notification in the top bar for a brief instant, which will change to 'saved' as soon as the saving process is finished.

Saving errors

Occasionally, you may experience an error when Bubble is trying to save the latest changes. This is usually caused by a weak connection and will be resolved as soon as your device is back online.

The Saving... notification in the Bubble toolbar will turn red if it cannot communicate successfully with the server. If this occurs, we advise pausing your work to reduce the risk of data loss.

Undo and redo

You can undo or redo any changes made to your app. Use the respective icons in the top bar to revert or reapply modifications. If you are making significant changes or experimenting with your app and might want to revert to a particular version, we recommend using the feature.

Shortcuts to the core reference

You can access the core reference docs from the editor through the 'See reference' tool-tip. When you hover over an icon or a field for a few seconds, the tool-tip will appear. Clicking on the tool-tip will open a new tab and take you to the right place within the docs. If you already have the docs open, then you'll instantly redirect to the right place.

You can read more about the difference between the user manual and the core reference in our Introduction section.

Page selector

In the top left corner of the Bubble editor you will find the page selector dropdown. Here you navigate the different pages and resuable elements in your app, as well as accessing the .

The edit, view and arrange menus

The three menus in the top toolbar offer contextual tools and settings that are relevant for the work you are currently doing. All the options available in these menus is listed in our core reference.

Reference: Top and context menu options

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