Settings tab

The settings tab is where you find the general settings for your app. The tab consists of the following sections:


App plan

Manage the plan your app is on, paid plugin subscriptions and file storage.

Article: Pricing and Workload Page: Bubble pricing (comparison of the different pricing plans)


General app settings such as:

  • Privacy and security

  • General appearance

  • (such as Sendgrid and Google Maps)


This is where you can connect your app to a domain and configure its . This is also where you set your app's email settings and .

Article: Custom domain and DNS


The Languages tab lets you translate static strings in your app into different languages and manage the settings for how users change their language.

Article: App texts (translating your application)

SEO / metatags

This is where you'll find settings for SEO and social media sharing. In here you can manage:

  • Title, description and image for social media

  • Custom header and body

  • 301 redirects

  • Files in the root folder

  • robots.txt and other SEO-related settings

Article: Social media sharing Article: Email settings


In the API section you can modify .

Article: The Bubble API


The Collaboration section lets you add other Bubble users to collaborate on your app, as well as controlling the access level of each collaborator. This is also where you transfer app ownership to another Bubble user.

Article: Collaboration

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