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The Enterprise plan

If you are interested in Bubble's Enterprise plan, we recommend also checking our dedicated page that highlights what the plan offers.
Bubble's Enterprise plan is specifically designed to meet the demands and compliance requirements of large organizations. Beyond the standard features, Enterprise plan clients benefit from enhanced capabilities like centralized management for both users and apps, a dedicated support team, and the flexibility to choose their hosting location. Furthermore, our commitment to stringent security measures — from SOC 2 Type II security compliance to advanced DDoS protection — means that business operations remain robust and protected. Plus, with flexible payment options like invoicing or ACH, Bubble aligns with the financial workflows of large-scale organizations.
Dive in to understand how our enterprise solutions can enable your organization's digital transformation.
Enterprise plan feature comparison
On our pricing page, we have a table where you can compare the different features available in Enterprise and other plans.
Hosting and infrastructure
Bubble’s infrastructure plays a significant role in the performance, security, scalability, and the overall effectiveness of any solution that you want to build. In this article we’ll shed light on how our Enterprise plan equips large-scale organizations with a robust foundation, tailored to meet the specific demands of enterprise operations.
Security and compliance
Bubble offers stringent security measures — from SOC 2 Type II compliance to advanced DDoS protection. In this article we'll have a closer look at the extended security capabilities in the Enterprise plan.
Article: Security and compliance Article: GDPR Article: SOC 2 Type II Article: HIPAA
Admin and collaboration
Managing a team on Bubble is streamlined, thanks to centralized user management that integrates seamlessly with Single Sign-On (SSO). Our robust version control system allows for project isolation through branching, and automatic point-in-time backups offer added peace of mind.
Priority support
On the Enterprise plan, you'll have the benefit of a dedicated account manager who will handle all facets of your plan and billing. To ensure your apps run smoothly and are optimized for performance, our Technical Success Management team will provide expert assistance, be it for project planning or troubleshooting.
Article: Priority support
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