Circle Music Player

This element adds a Play icon that you can use to play and pause an audio file within your application.

Music Player

The Music Player Plugin adds an element that displays a circle music player on the page that plays MP3 files.

Song file

Enter the link to the file to play. It can be dynamic by using the Composer.

Starts at (seconds)

Enter a number to start the music after X seconds.

Ends at (seconds)

Enter a number to end the music after X seconds.

Prevent the user from using the round seekbar

When checked, users will not be able to go directly to a certain time in the music.

Autoplay when a new song is set

Check this box to play as soon as a new song is sent to it.


Once you add a Music Player element to the page, you can either upload an audio file or dynamically include a link. For example, if you have a "Song" page where you play a song that the user has selected, you might chose to play the current page's song's audio file.

Then when you preview the page, you can play or pause the current page's song, as well as select a point along the player's seekbar to cut to that section of the song.

For more details on how to use the Circle Music Player in the context of a music application, check out our tutorial on how to build a Spotify clone.


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