The Workflow API

This section covers how to use API workflows to allow external applications to execute workflows in your Bubble app.

What is the Workflow API?

The Workflow API is the part of Bubble's that lets you set up workflows that can be triggered from an external application or system by sending an API request or by scheduling an API workflow in your app.

By constructing just like you construct regular workflows on a page, you can make Bubble perform any kind of action or sequence of actions based on a request that can include parameters.

For example, let's imagine you have a customer contact form on a website that's not part of your Bubble application. By sending an API request from that platform that includes parameters like name, email and phone number, you can use an API Workflow to create a new lead or register a new user in your Bubble app.

API Workflows also lets your app respond to in other systems. For example, whenever a payment is made successfully in Stripe, you can set up a webhook in Stripe to trigger a workflow in your Bubble app so that any needed action can be taken immediately.

What's the difference between API Workflows and Backend Workflows?

As you start working in the Backend Workflow section of Bubble you may find the two terms used in different contexts. While they are certainly related, they don't carry the exact same meaning:

  • Backend Workflows encompass all the different events that you can add in the Backend Workflow editor:

    • API Workflows

    • Backend Triggers

    • Recurring Events

    • Custom Events

  • API Workflows refer specifically to the Workflows that you add by using the New API Workflow command in the editor. They are referred to as API Workflows whether they are or not.

Activating the Workflow API

To activate API Workflows, go to Settings - API and check the Enable Workflow API and Backend Workflow. This exposes all workflows that have Expose as a public workflow checked.

This also reveals your application's Workflow API root URL.

Accessing the backend workflow editor

When the Workflow API has been enabled in your application’s settings, you can navigate to the virtual page Backend workflows by:

  1. Click the page navigator in the upper left corner of the Bubble editor

  2. Click the Backend workflows link at the very bottom of the list

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