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Page: The Official Bubble Certification and FAQ Blog post: All About the Official Bubble Developer Certification If you'd like to sign up for the certification, use the link below: Page: Sign up for the Official Bubble Certification

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Introduction to the Official Bubble Certification

The Bubble Certification exam is a comprehensive exam designed for professional Bubble developers. This exam not only assesses your proficiency in Bubble development but also provides an official recognition of your skills. Once you pass, you can showcase your certified status on your Bubble agency profile, resume, LinkedIn, or any other professional platform. For instructions on how to publish your certification on LinkedIn, see the page below:

Page: Adding your certification to LinkedIn

We want to emphasize that this exam is challenging, designed to demonstrate extensive experience and a deep understanding of Bubble's capabilities and terminology. It's intended for developers who have tackled a diverse range of projects and scenarios. Although we encourage developers to attempt the exam, we advise doing so only if you have a solid grasp of Bubble.

Format and content

The exam comprises 90 questions, randomly selected from a larger pool, ensuring that no two exams are the same. These questions, which cover every aspect of professional Bubble development, include multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank formats. Although the exam has a 3.5-hour limit, most candidates complete it within approximately 2 hours. The certification is continually updated to reflect new features and changes in Bubble.

The dynamic nature of the exam means that each exam-taking experience is unique. This randomness in the question order and selection adds to the integrity and challenge of the certification process. Some questions are directly related to understanding Bubble's features and terminology, while others describe different development challenges that you will be expected to solve.

The questions come in four different types:

  • multiple-choice

  • true/false

  • multiple-answer

  • fill-in-the-blank

Proctored exam for fairness and integrity

To maintain the exam's integrity and the value of the certification, the exam is . The proctoring process involves recording and analyzing your exam session through automated software. This process ensures fairness and that all candidates are assessed under the same conditions, preserving the certification's value for the entire community.

The proctoring process is performed by a third-party that specializes in maintaining the integrity of online exams.

Exam requirements and proctoring rules

Before starting the exam, ensure your environment meets the following criteria:

  • A single monitor setup: no external monitors are allowed.

  • Functional microphone and webcam.

  • A photo of your face for facial ID verification.

  • A photo ID may be requested for additional verification.

To avoid any disruption while taking your exam, we recommend meeting at least the following computer specifications and adhering to these best practices:

  • 8 GB RAM minimum

  • Chrome is the recommended browser

  • Three or fewer tabs open at once

  • Only one tab with the Bubble editor at once

  • Close all other applications

Maintaining exam integrity

During the exam, the following rules apply to uphold the exam's integrity:

  • Ensure a distraction-free environment. The presence of others in the room or open doors might flag your session.

  • Keep mobile phones and other devices away to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

  • Restroom breaks are allowed, but leaving your desk might flag your session.

Open-Book exam with limitations

This is an open-book exam, but it comes with strict rules. You are allowed to use only specific resources as detailed in our open-book policy. Any deviation from these rules can lead to your session being flagged for review, and potential invalidation of your certification if cheating is detected.

For up-to-date information about the resources you are allowed to use, refer to the page below and scroll down to the FAQ at the bottom page that explains the open-book policy:

Page: Bubble’s “Open-Book” and Anti-Cheating Proctoring Policies

Bulk certification for Agencies

We encourage agencies to buy exam seats in bulk, allowing their employees to become certified. If certified using a personal email, there are ways to transfer or link this to the agency's credentials. Note that certifications are not awarded to agencies or teams as a whole, but to individual developers.

Freelancers should use their personal Bubble account for certification. If later employed by an agency, the certificate can be linked to the agency's account. Similarly, if you leave an agency, the certification can be transferred back to your personal account.

Other ways to learn


Page: The Official Bubble Certification and FAQ Blog post: All About the Official Bubble Developer Certification If you'd like to sign up for the certification, use the link below: Page: Sign up for the Official Bubble Certification

Interactive walkthrough

You can see what the verification process will entail from start to finish by clicking through the interactive demo below:

Interactive Arcade demo: Interactive walkthrough

Need help or have questions?

For any inquiries related to certification, including guidance on the process or assistance with technical issues, our Success team is available to help you navigate through your certification journey.

Page: Contact Success team

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