Input forms

This section covers Input forms. These are element that accept data input from a user such as text, numbers, dates, uploads and dynamic content.

Input forms are the elements that you use to collect information from your users. They can be used for a simple checkbox or combined into complex forms.

The articles in this section cover Bubble's built-in input elements. There are also a wide range of plugins in the plugin store that offer new ways of accepting user input.

Different kinds of input

User input can mean many things, and most applications accept a wide range of different categories of input from their users. Even single forms are usually made up of different types of inputs that makes it easy for your users to understand what kind of data they're asked to provide.

Text and numbers

Text and number inputs allow users to provide text ranging from short, like an email address, an order number or a name to long, like a blog post or product description. Text can be formatted (rich text) or unformatted (plain text).

Article: Text and number elements

Dates and time

Date and time inputs allow users to provide date and time values. Some inputs let users type the information in, others are set up to let users pick a date from a calendar and a time from a timepicker.

Article: Dates and time elements

File uploads

File uploads are a third category of input that allows users to upload any kind of file to your application.

Article: File uploads

Selection controls

Selection controls are input elements that let you set up pre-defined options for your users to select from. This allows you to restrict the available choices, ranging from simple yes/no answers to selecting preset text/numerical values and dynamic content from your app's database.

This includes:

  • Checkboxes

  • Radio buttons

  • Dropdown lists

Article: Selection control

Triggering a workflow when an input is changed

You can trigger a workflow whenever the value of a specific input form is changed.

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