Selection controls

This section covers selection control elements, that lets you set up input elements with predefined options

Selection control elements are input elements that let your users make a choice from a preselected set of options. This ranges from a simple yes/no answer to picking one or more records from the database or other data sources.


The Checkbox element is the most basic selection control element which simply returns a yes or a no depending on whether the box is checked or not.

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Radio button

The Radio button element is similar to the checkbox, but allows you to add more than one option. You can set up a static list of text options (in the example below we have used the texts Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3) or you can fetch a list of Things from the database and display one of their fields as the label.

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The Dropdown element, similarly to the Radio button element lets you give your users one choice out of a selection of texts or from the database.

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Searchbox element

The search box element lets you set up a flexible text search for database records. The element looks like a regular input field but quickly and dynamically returns search results as the user types.

Note: Each time you type or change a character in the search box element, it triggers a fresh . While this ensures a rapid search response, it's worth remembering that each query consumes some . To learn more about workload management, refer to our article series linked below. Article series: Pricing and workload

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Slider input

The Slider input element lets your users select a numerical value out of a range. You can set a minimum and a maximum value and the value of each step.

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Multiselect dropdown

The Multiselect dropdown element lets your users select multiple choices from a list of texts or records from the database. They choose the item from a dropdown list or search for them by typing.

The element returns a list of whichever type of data you specify.

The Multiselect dropdown element is a plugin. It's made by Bubble but it needs to be installed in your app before you can use it. Search for Multiselect dropdown in the plugin store to install it.

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