Olark Live Chat

Olark lets you chat with your users through a chatbox on your website in real-time. Olark also integrates with existing CRM tools.

Adding your Olark site ID

Integrating your Olark account is as simple as adding your site ID within the settings of your plugin page (full setup instructions below).


After installing the plugin, you’ll need to create an account through Olark.

  • Once you’ve created an Olark account, you can obtain your site ID by visiting the settings page, then opening the installation tab.

  • If you choose to embed the installation code on your site, the script will provide you with a 13 digit code next to the olark.identify field.

  • Paste this site ID into the relevant field in your Bubble plugin settings.

  • Now, the Olark chat widget will display across your application when previewing the development or live version.


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